curved unpainted vane saver on textured slat

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One of the most commonly asked questions about vertical blinds repair is how to fix broken vanes. Vane saver repair clips are a good solution to this problem.

Typical broken vertical blinds vane

Usually what happens is the slat or vane breaks just above the hole at the top where it clips into the track. Exposure to the sun causes the vinyl to become brittle and break out at the weak point just above the attachment slot. As a result, if the blinds are in a high traffic area such as over a patio door breakage of this type is common. Similarly, in homes with small children and pets, it’s just normal wear and tear. This photo shows a good example of the kind of damage I’m talking about.

Broken Vertical Blind Slat or Vane
Broken vertical blind slat or vane

Vertical blinds vane saver repair clips

If you don’t want to replace the whole blind and you can’t find matching replacements for broken vanes, these repair clips can be used to salvage your old broken slats. The clips are sturdy (they’re metal), they are easy to install and they work very well. Vane savers have little teeth that grip the slat and hold on tight, even on a textured surface. Alternatively, if the vanes on your verticals are made from thinner vinyl and don’t seem to hold as well as you might like, just squeeze the clips with pliers to provide an even better grip.

metal vane saver repair clip with gripper teeth
Vane saver with gripper teeth

Vertical blinds vane saver repair clips purchase options

Vane savers are available for slats with curved or flat profiles.  Three finishes are available. You can choose between plain, unpainted clips (unfinished zinc) or painted clips in ivory or white. Another option, more of a do it yourself nature, would be to spray paint the clips yourself to more closely match a custom color. Just be sure to clean them thoroughly with a de-greasing solvent before painting.

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