Is persnickety old Aunt Martha coming for a visit? You don’t want her to think that you live like a bunch of slobs. You’ve been putting this off, but now you have to do something about those old worn out blinds.

Are you moving out at the end of the month? You really need that deposit money. The landlord is sure to notice the shade with the broken string. Even though it wasn’t your fault, it would be good to get it fixed before the final inspection.

The case of the mountaineering puppy – a true story

They only left the new puppy alone for a few minutes while they went to get the kids from school. By the time they got home the pup had trashed a shade in the 2nd floor bedroom window and was wandering around out on the roof. The dog survived the ordeal just fine. The shade had to be replaced.

Many times repairing a worn, damaged or broken blind or shade can be fast, easy and affordable. But not always. Sometimes replacement is the only sensible thing to do. Knowing how to tell the difference is what this website is all about.